About Us

I'm Camille.
I've lived in Texas for the past 40 years, being from Trinidad, I am what you call a true Trini, or as they say "Trini to de bone". I have all the aspects of the culture and sentiments in my heart and soul.
In Trinidad, we have a variety of races, cultures and religions. Owning to this, our foods naturally reflects this melange of tastes from all over the world, but with our own Trini indigenous spices and flavors. I would say that living here is where my taste for chutneys and pepper sauces started. I love all different types of foods available. Eating all these different types of foods allowed me to try them with whatever condiments. In those days, the fruits used were mango, tamarind, pomcethye etc. 
Being the creative and adventurous soul that I am, I just LOVED dabbling in mixing up sauces of all different flavors, trying a bit of this with one food and a little bit of that with another, trying to quietly invent new and different tastes. 
As life went on, I worked in the corporate world, always still enjoying any sauces with my foods, never forgetting that I, one day, will create some new flavors, sweet, spicy and HOT ones. 
As I got older, health issues, trials and tribulations, I decided to turn to cooking our Trini delicacies to bring in some extra income. It was an opportunity to showcase my Trini foods, but it was also an opportunity to experiment with different ingredients and fruits such as raspberry, pineapple, peaches to find a unique blend which has never been tasted before. I feel that through these past few difficult years, with my steady belief in God, thru my prayers, patience, and support of all those dear to me...
I am now ready to embark on this dream!
I can't end this without mentioning that I never gave up thru the hard times, because I always had the genuine encouragement and inspiration from my daughter Leanna, and watching my grandsons Kyran & Logan growing up (hence our name KY & LO), and really wanting to leave them a little piece of Grandma's Legacy!
Last but not least, my dear loyal customers who have supported me thru the years and who have also encouraged me, (sometimes being my taste testers)...
Thank you for helping me make this possible for me to take this step forward.
So guys, lets take it up a notch with some Chutneys & Pepper Sauce.
God Bless!!